Watch Westlake Lacrosse Player and Convicted Line Cutter be Publicly Humiliated on Southwest Flight

Mac Breedlove is a junior at Westlake High School. He plays lacrosse. He skips in line while boarding Southwest Airlines flights with his lacrosse teams. And we wouldn't know any of this if Breedlove didn't have such awesome lacrosse coaches.

Said coaches, Evan Welchel and Kenny Pailes, found out about Breedlove's line skipping and decided what he needed was a healthy dose of public humiliation. They forced Breedlove to write an apology, then deliver it to a packed flight over Southwest's PA system. Someone caught it on video and posted it to YouTube, as you can see above.

"During the boarding process I took advantage of this airline's kindness," he read. "That is not how my coaches, teammates, or parents expect me to behave."

Hat tip to Texas Monthly for noting Breedlove's apology,earlier today, though ABC News, CBS News, and the Drudge Report have mentioned it as well.


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