We Have a Winner. Now We Need a Drunk.

So, the Unfair Park braintrust has selected a winner for those Toadies tix and accompanying VIP pass: Laura Archer, whose simple suggestion mirrors one offered up earlier in the week by our very own Merritt Martin. "You should give it to the first person who can produce a receipt for (or other proof of) a bar tab of $50+ or more from Bar Belmont," writes Laura. So very simple. So very easy to manage. So very...on.

You have till 5 p.m. today to produce such a receipt, and to keep this easy, the person whose bar tab is the highest will win a night's stay at the Belmont Hotel on us. (We're just covering the room, mind you; the rest you gotta pay for, you lush.) So fax us (214-757-8593) or e-mail me with a scan. But you have till 5 to do it.

To the rest of our Friends who offered suggestions -- all of which were intriguing, some of which were brilliant -- we offer our heartfelt thanks and some gifts, because it's the least we could do. (And, incidentally, you're still eligible for the Belmont stay; why not.) We will contact you shortly with more info. Again, thanks and good luck. Back at you at 5:02 with the winner. --Robert Wilonsky


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