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What Felled Oakley?

The great big pink elephant: Wow, maybe Leppert pulled votes from Oakley in southern Dallas because the only thing more disgusting to those voters than a Republican is a gay guy ("The Choir Boy Mayor," by Matt Pulle, June 21). Again, you guys wow yourselves with this victory yet remain terrified of mentioning the great big pink elephant in the room.



Ed Oakley

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Mr. Squeaky-clean Mayor: I foresee a comeback of the TV show Dallas, except this time it will be about a construction baron. Leppert came across as a mere puppet on a string, which is totally opposite of what you would expect from a CEO of a multibillion-dollar company. Some of his personal campaign actions showed a genuinely humane side. It's too soon to tell if it was all an act, but I'm sure we'll see soon enough. That is if the media don't mind eating a bit of their own.

Leppert was always portrayed as the choir boy in the media, and he certainly took the high road in his campaign. In reality no one can be that "good" and run a multibillion-dollar company while doubling its revenues in such a short term. Leppert's campaign was a pipe dream, and Dallas fell for it. Of course, ultimately they had no choice other than to smoke the proverbial pipe...either that or elect a gay mayor.

Nothing else makes sense. Dallas has never elected a mayor in the past based on vision alone that I'm aware of...in these parts, it's just unheard of until now. It definitely shows the true colors of the election. That's why Dallas should have owned up to the fact that Oakley being gay was a huge factor in the election. Otherwise it's just swept under the carpet and forgotten. Which is probably what the Dallas majority wants anyway.

A subtitle of this article could be a quote from the article itself: "Now that he's elected, no one can say what exactly he's going to do because he never really told us." That pretty much sums it all up.

Jim K.

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The M Word

This rape of the land: As a former Dallas resident, I am shocked that anyone in power brought morality up at all ("Moral Minority," by Jim Schutze, June 21). There seems to be a major disconnect between the Bible/Koran-toting, church/synagogue/mosque-attending citizens in power and their behavior. If you don't walk your talk then I have little use for your affirmations of faith. Thanks to those on the council who had the courage to speak against this rape of the land for working-class housing, and thanks to you, Jim, for highlighting it!

Barbara Mathews Blanton

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Rounding the Cape

Fearon on deck: Thank you for your true and impartial critique of The Cape in Uptown ("Just Beachy," by Elaine Liner, June 14). I invested in The Cape because I truly believe Dallas needs more restaurants that serve healthy, well-rounded, market-fresh grilled and oven-roasted meats, fish and vegetables. I know we need to improve, and I think Israel [Fearon] is the man.

Kurt Kretsinger


Its a Crying Shame

I've lost all respect: I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story about Elizabeth Albanese, the Dallas Press Club and the Katies ("Kiss Me, Katie," by Jesse Hyde and Matt Pulle, June 14). Over the past few years, my respect for most of Dallas' journalists (and the people who manage them) has declined steadily. It was not surprising to read about the situation at the Press Club, because it proved to me that there is even a loss of respect within their own community. How else could Albanese get away with what she did?

When The Dallas Morning News incorrectly used "it's" in a headline on the front page, I made a decision to never again spend my hard-earned money to buy that rag. DallasNews.com, with its incessant pop-ups and demands for personal information, is also a joke. Their sister, WFAA, follows the same pattern of stupidity with the graphics department's inability to use correct grammar or spelling in the graphics they splash across every story on their newscasts. It's rare to go through an entire day without spotting an error. It's become a game for me to see how many I can find. When brought to the attention of WFAA via a comment form on their Web site, I received a junk e-mail in response. The errors have continued.

The folks at both Belo organizations probably know how to use spell check, but they don't realize that while "it's" may be spelled correctly, "its" would've been the proper word to use in that DMN headline. A few nights ago, in a Channel 8 report on the flooding in Gainesville and Sherman, one graphic stated, "1 families displaced," and another read, "4-year-old little girl." Can you spot the errors? If not, maybe you can get a job at Channel 8.

So, thank you for showing me that while I'm laughing at the idiots who put together the city's "major" newspaper and, supposedly, one of the city's "better" newscasts, someone within their midst was getting the last laugh.

Leslie Raymond



In last week's cover story, "Fatal Web," the Dallas Observer incorrectly reported that the FBI is handling the investigation of Sandra Bridewell on allegations of Social Security fraud. In fact, the investigation is being handled by the Office of Investigations (within the Office of Inspector General) for the U.S. Social Security Administration in Columbia, South Carolina, and in Greensboro, North Carolina. We regret the error.


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