What the Ballpark in Arlington Will Look Like When the Texas Rangers Return to the Field

Back in November the Texas Rangers invited media folk out to the Ballpark in Arlington for a sneak peek at $11.5 million worth of renovations being made out in Vandergriff Plaza, where, among other things, the team's adding a private-party zone, retooling the kids' area and building a new bar. Said Rangers' execs, this is but the "first wave" of redos to come in coming years. Nolan Ryan called the project "the most extensive renovation in the history of the park."

Last night the team dispatched a series of behind-the-scenes looks at how the renovations are coming, accompanied by explanations from team executive veep of ballpark operations Rob Matwick and Manhattan Construction's senior project manager Wesley Weaver. The overview's above; the detailed look-sees are below. Is it April 6 yet, Robin Ventura?


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