What's In My Closet: Rodent-Free Edition

Gonna trek out to Carrollton this morning for some Cowboys' minicamp, so I'll leave you with a feel-good story.

$13,000 my ass.

In the end, getting rid of the furry, friggin' squirrel tresspassers in my attic and walls cost a whopping $275. That's $70 for two giant mousetraps, $5 for sheet metal and $200 to repair the air-conditioner wires the little effers gnawed through.

After initially thinking I needed a loan to battle what a professional exterminator told me was "10 families", I wound up catching two of the monsters - including the arrogant, tail-wagging fatass who had tormented me and my dog since, oh, February.

A couple of whacks here, three holes covered up there and - voila! - a squirrel-free summer.

I'm sure the searing heat in my attic ran the bastards out. But I have a feeling this little gizmo  may have helped.

If you're scoring at home, that's Humans 2, Squirrels 0.

Rest in pieces, bastard.
Rest in pieces, bastard.


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