Hinty hint hint.
Hinty hint hint.

What's On Your Christmas Wish List?

That question, of course, is a trick 'em, dick 'em way of telling you - psst! - here's what's on my list.

What I don't want in my stocking this Christmas: Coal. A Snuggie. Tiger Woods' sloppy seconds. Swine Flu. Wade Phillips' resume.

What has caught me eye this season - other than a copy of the new Tiger's Wood porn - is something I saw last night called the PowerMat. It's basically this rubbbery mat that just lays there. Anywhere. And when you place your phone on it - presto, charge-oh.

Cool, eh?

(UPDATE: A caller to 105.3 The Fan just told me it's a joke. Have to buy a special case, which isn't compatible with iPhone accessories and chargers, etc. Slump shoulders. Yanking down stocking.)

I suck at cords and charges and cigarette lighters and this seems like one of those "why didn't I think of that" ideas every dork shouldn't be without. Or am I missing something?

Wanna see the other hottest gifts this year? Right this way. But get crackin', only 10 shopping days left.

According to Amazon.com, this year you want a wireless reading device, a programmable robot, a Lego game, a Stars Wars trainer, a ... what the deuce?!

Think I'll stick with the PowerMat. Oh, and her. That's all I need, a PowerMat and two of her.



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