Jim Larkin, left, and Michael Lacey

When's the Last Time Your Boss Got Arrested?

As many of you know, the paper version of Unfair Park is part of the Phoenix-based Village Voice Media chain of alternaweeklies; we're one of 16 papers nationwide. Michael Lacey is executive editor of Village Voice Media; Jim Larkin is chief executive officer. And yesterday, both men -- the founders in 1970 of the chain formerly known as New Times -- were arrested and jailed last night in Phoenix by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, on charges that Larkin and Lacey revealed grand jury information in a cover story in this week's Phoenix New Times. They have since been released on bond.

"We're being arrested for raising hell," Lacey said. "It's sort of a tradition journalism has." Jesus, that man sets the bar awfully high. --Robert Wilonsky


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