Where Do Stephan Pyles, Tim Love and Dean Fearing Get Their Fast Food Fix?

Right -- this should probably be over on City of Ate, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to make this inexplicable (on my part) Esquire subscription count for something, so here goes. For the September issue, which just landed in the mailbox, editors asked chefs (and TV-show hosts) from 'round the country what their favorite fast food is, and the winner is ... In-N-Out Burger, which, last we checked, is "evaluating" the Dallas market, but no promises. No less than Alton Brown and Thomas Keller and Charlie Palmer said it's the bestest.

But locals figure into the "honorable mentions" category: Stephan Pyles, Esky's chef of '06, likes him some Taco Cabana, while Dean Fearing name-checks Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse. Tim Love, on the other hand, says, "What a burger." Is it lunch yet?

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