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"Whine Flu," by Richie Whitt, May 7

You and Him Fight

You are a jerk. Why don't you get out there and try playing and see what happens to you in the same circumstance? You gain nothing by retaliation, and statistics show that the one who delivers the retaliation blow is usually the one at the worst end of the stick. So why don't you grow a pair and shut up!



Barbie from Edom, via dallasobserver.com

The Mavs are softer than the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! Always have been and, with Cuban's idiotic ownership, apparently will continue to be. We cannot play with the Nuggets, or the Thuggets as I've seen them called. True enough! That's what the NBA has become. Thugs! We need some if we hope to ever get past the second round. Our 7-footer is a fade away shooting guard! We have no legitimate big man, nor have we ever outside of two years with Roy "I need another bump" Tarpley.

Mike Serviente from Dallas, via dallasobserver.com

I love the Mavericks, but Game 1 was a travesty. I've long contended that Dirk is a small forward. I don't care what his measurements tell you, [add] the fact that Josh Howard is also a small forward, [and] you have to have something solid around the basket. And if you don't have that top-notch center, you've got to have some kind of Rodman-type s*#t to protect the basket. That's where the ball goes in, and if you can't protect it you better be able to outscore your opponent—every quarter, every game—if you think you can earn the NBA Championship. I'm praying Game 1 was an anomaly never to be repeated, possibly some sort of voodoo curse, and we come out and play some real basketball and take this series.

Matt Mahaffey from Dallas, via dallasobserver.com

Dish, by Dave Faries, May 7

Out for lunch

I ate lunch here [Nick & Sam's Grill] once and will never go back. Nick & Sam's (the restaurant) is well-respected, but on the day I went to the grill, the service was horrible, the food sucked and the pretentiousness turned out to be completely unwarranted.

From the get-go, our table wasn't offered the complimentary chips before our meal I saw many other tables noshing on. So we asked if we could have some and were treated to a condescending remark from the waiter. When my sandwich came out, the bread was soggy as if the whole thing had been assembled hours earlier. The guacamole was brown and acrid. The fries, while edible, weren't anything to write home about. The crowning moment had to be when I was scoffed at for asking for a soft drink refill. Perhaps if our table had done the "normal" thing and had martinis with our (working) lunch, we'd have been treated better.

If you want to pick up a high-dollar female escort, want to be seen sitting on the corner of Fairmount and Cedar Springs (whoop-de-do), or have never seen a Mercedes S550 in person before, maybe you should try this place out. If you want decent food and customer service, look elsewhere.

Chaz from Dallas, via dallasobserver.com

"The Big Buy-In," by Jim Schutze, May 7

Nailed It

You have a way of nailing things, Jim. Now that the vote is over and the deluded side has won, I am taking a couple of things away from the experience. First, the vote was really close—2,000 short. This means that those in the city who are paying attention are pretty much split down Broadway. But what I find interesting is the nature of the split and what the true issue became is this...a referendum on the mayor's character. This vote was closer than the other deceptive ballot, that on the super toll road in the middle of a flood plain. To me it says that Leppert and his huge collection of civic dupes are losing ground. It means that responsible people may be on the verge of getting this city back one day. Jury's out on that one. We can all hope. Thanks, Jim, for honest perspective. (By the way...I hate conspiracy theories, all due respect.)

Jesse from Dallas, via dallasobserver.com


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