Liability or asset?
Liability or asset?

Who Would You Rather Have Coaching Your Team On Saturday Night?

Andy Reid, the guy who has taken the Philadelphia Eagles to five NFC Championships and a Super Bowl this century?

Or Wade Phillips, who doesn't have a playoff win on his resume but is 33-16 in Dallas and has his defense playing at a Super Bowl level?

NBC analyst Rodney Harrison has his pick.

"I actually picked Philly to go to the Super Bowl. I don't know how Dallas -- with the pressure of them not winning a playoff game in the last decade, all the hype and pressure surrounding them -- in back-to-back weeks, can beat Philadelphia, especially with Andy Reid, an experienced coach. Donovan has played in the playoffs and played in a Super Bowl and I flat out think Andy Reid is a better coach. I'm picking Philly to win this game and go all the way to the Super Bowl."

Given my druthers, I'd take Boise State's Chris Peterson.

But for this debate I tend to agree with Harrison. You?


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