Why, Ron Washington? Why?!?!

​I like Ron Washington. Really do. It's just that I ...

Hey, if this feels/sounds like deja vu all over again it's because it is.

Bottom line: I honestly don't think the Texas Rangers' manager is good enough to go with his gut instincts.

I'm a quirky, color-outside-the-lines guy, but in baseball there's a book for a reason. Washington needs a refresher course.

Last week he didn't have a .180 hitter bunt over the potential tying run in a loss. And last night ...

He not only didn't start the 9th inning with a closer that had saved 9 of 10 and 7 in a row, he didn't get Neftali Feliz warming up in time to face a key right-handed hitter during the A's rally.

Not saying Feliz is an elite, automatic closer yet. But I am saying that the New York Yankees hand the ball to Mariano Rivera to start the 9th, not with two men on and nobody out.

Oakland 7, Texas 6 in 13 innings hurts. The Rangers were 77-3 last year when leading after 8 innings. This year they've already blown 4 such leads. They are 18-15.

Repeat after me: This one's on Wash.


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