Will Clarke, Superhero

Last time local scrivener Will Clark published a short story in a tome edited by John McNally, he was blessed with the caterwauling of a Rhode Island mother who called for his shiny pate on a platter. She didn't take kindly to her kiddo being taught Clarke's autobiographical tale "How to Kill a Boy That Nobody Likes."

Wonder how she'll like his latest short story, title of which is "The Pentecostal Home for Flying Children." It appears in the book pictured above, which is due for publication via Simon & Schuster next week, a collection of 22 tales titled Who Can Save Us Now?: Brand-New Superheroes and Their Amazing (Short) Stories , which the editors (McNally and Owen King, also contributors) describe thusly in their intro: "This is just a book, a few hours' diversion, but we believe in heroes, and we need them now, like never before." Will Clarke, of course, is mine. --Robert Wilonsky


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