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Winners and Whiners

Wail like a schoolgirl: Richie, you have got to be kidding me ("German Engineering," February 22). I had to do a triple take and make sure Cuban herself didn't write this article—or maybe you are Cuban writing under another name. You want to criticize the guy who single-handedly dismantled the entire Mavs defense for a four-game sweep? You want to question his talent and mock the number of hits he takes because of his aggressive style of play? If you want to point fingers, look at your coach. How many times can you guys let D-Wade get the ball at the top of the circle and have him break down the whole team d? Run somebody at him—double him—get the ball out of his hands. Do something.

Dirk is the best player? According to?


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How can you Mavs apologists whine about free throws when jump-shooting Dirk shot 24 in one game against the Spurs? D-Wade attacks the basket, Dirk shoots fadeaways and threes. I don't want to hear you whining about looking for the foul call. Dirk does it all the time. Every time he dribbles or fights for position, he wails like a schoolgirl at an *NSYNC concert.

The Mavs lost, plain and simple. They got beat by a better player and a better scheme. They got out-coached and outplayed. Period.

It is February, by the way, and the Mavs have not won anything. As far as I can tell, the Mavs are like the Utah Jazz of the '90s, and you know what that awesome regular-season record got them.

Mark Guymon

North Richland Hills

Totally 'irked: Reading Richie Whitt's story on Dwyane Wade convinced me, and I'm sure many other right-thinking true sports fans, that he has something in common with that other whiner, Mark Cuban—he has lost his mind. 'irk (No "D," regardless of Whitt's assessment) did shrink during the Finals last year. He wasn't the only one, but he is the supposed leader of the local team. Every other NBA city knows that Wade was right. I don't expect Dallas to give him his props, especially after the way he took away the Mavs' collective hearts in that series, but Whitt, Cuban and the other local whiners need to let it go. It's done. The record books show the Heat as defending champs. Wade is the real deal, has been and will be for many years to come. I doubt if any other city has displayed the type of thin skin the "fans" here have the past few months. One more thing—if 'irk needs this truth as a motivational tool, he's softer than 'Zo and Co. proved.

Calvin Jarvis Jr.


Fizzle: Richie, your article and constant barrage against Dwyane Wade is boring. The Mavs have lost, and in any sport the winner can talk until they get beat. The Mavs will continue to fizzle out just like the popularity of the Dallas Stars.

Quincy Harrington


Who Stole My Park?

No to the smogway: Thanks for the eye-opening article ("Hunt for Truth," by Jim Schutze, March 1). I'm curious as to what we—the average Dallas residents who voted for the Trinity Park, not the smogway—can do to show our anger with what the council is doing. Any ideas? Perhaps if enough people stand up and fight for what was originally voted for, we can make a difference.

Shelley Broyles


A Good Whuppin'

The Sherman Allen case: Thank you for informing the public of the behavior of men pretending to be called by God ("'This Is What God Told Me to Do to You," by Julie Lyons, Unfair Park, February 23). This is evil personified. These brave women speaking out will protect other women from being harmed by this man. Davina Kelly's willingness to speak may give others who have been harmed the strength to come forward and seek healing as has already begun to happen. How sad that these perpetrators use the church to seek victims for their sexual perversions. What an abuse of all members of the church. Hopefully the people will speak out with Davina and no one will ever again tolerate such abuse, because they will know they are going to be believed and supported. Bravo.

Ann Brentwood

Maryville, Tennessee

Fashion Girl

Personal shoppers salute you: Your article put a smile on my face ("Absolutely Fabulous," by Andrea Grimes, February 22). I'm making copies of your article to share it with some of the ladies and men in the office—thanks again.

Eric McNack, CEO

Pasadena Hills, Missouri

Noodles, Good and Cheap

Try Thai: When discussing where to go eat before a show with a group of friends, one person had quoted from a Dallas Observer review of Thai Noodle and Rice. It was rated very mediocre, and I was really surprised.

My best friend and I have been going to Thai Noodle for nearly five years and have never had a bad meal. The menu is good as is, but as they get to know you, they will even tailor custom dishes to your preferences.

I am thinking perhaps the reviewer caught them on a bad day or perhaps just ordered an item that was too offbeat.

I really believe this little gem deserves a second look. Not only is the food good, but the prices are reasonable, the service is friendly and the decor has been spruced up inside. Overall, a very pleasant experience for the money.

Juli Roland


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