Wither DFW International?

Wither DFW International?

The latest issue of The New Republic wonders, quite simply, "What will happen when America can't afford to fly?" And no, surprisingly, the answer isn't, "Transporters." It's a little more doom-and-gloom-scented, as Bradford Plumer takes a look at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and portrays it as the center of an economy waiting to collapse:

In the '80s, Dallas-Fort Worth's status as a major air hub brought in hundreds of thousands of distribution and manufacturing jobs, along with a conglomeration of high-tech firms that now rivals Silicon Valley ... Dismal fates could await areas with high per capita concentrations of airport employment, such as Dallas-Fort Worth, Miami, and Tucson.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport CEO Jeffrey Fegan isn't worried about the distant future. He's just trying to make it through the fall. Autumn, I mean. "The fall" doesn't sound as good. --Robert Wilonsky

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