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The man.
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World’s Fastest Human Doubles As Hall of Fame’s Slowest Inductee

It’s over.

The Cowboys’ preseason, that is, signaled by last night’s ho-hum victory over the Vikings. And the drama, climaxed when Pacman Jones was officially reinstated yesterday while eating a chicken sandwich and no doubt quenching his insatiable hunger for orange short shorts and legal cleavage at this joint.

In a game without Tony Romo or Adrian Peterson, I didn’t have much interest watching Brooks Bollinger duel Richard Bartel.

I am, however, intrigued by the latest Cowboy on the Pro Football Hall of Fame ballot.

One of my most vivid memories of a kid is sitting atop dad’s shoulders in the Cotton Bowl, watching “Bullet” Bob Hayes run under Don Meredith’s bombs. He was the reason I fell in love with football before I could spell my name. One of my proudest moments was getting his autograph on a Cowboys' helmet – the cheapy kind with those plastic white facemasks – when he made an appearance at a Duncanville bank in the early ‘70s.

And now the Hall of Fame Seniors’ Committee is again debating Hayes’ merits. It should, of course, be a no-brainer.

Hayes, the ’64 Olympic gold medalist in the 100-yard dash in Tokyo, revolutionized the NFL with his blazing speed. He still has the second all-time highest yards-per-catch among receivers with at least 300 receptions at a cool 19.8.

Considering Hayes’ speed and stats, what’s taking so long? -- Richie Whitt


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