Wright Argument, Wrong People

Have you been checking out the Wright Amendment hearings taking place at this very moment in Washington, D.C., in front of the House Committee on Transporation & Infrastructure's aviation subcommittee? The Dallas Morning News is providing a video link to what has to be the most rambling, frustrating and ill-informed discussion about the future of Love Field. Rep. Spencer Bachus, a Republican from Alabama, didn't even know how many gates the agreement between the Dallas and Fort Worth mayors called for closing. Did they not read the compromise? Gonna say, not so much. Regardless, go to the link. Mayor Laura just started talking 30 seconds ago and is still doing her thank-yous. Formal testimony to begin right...now. (Caution: You will be hypnotized by the gentleman--is that Frank Librio?--directly behind her typing away on his Treo.) --Robert Wilonsky


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