Must've been a lifetime achievement award.
Must've been a lifetime achievement award.

WWJD: What Was Jason Doing?

Cool that Dallas Mavericks' guard Jason Kidd was named the NBA's Western Conference Player of the Week. Last week he passed Magic Johnson for No. 3 on the all-time assist list, dished out 20 dimes against the Suns on national television and generally upgraded his room-with-a-view in the Hall of Fame.

One question ... 

Does last Friday night count as "last week"?

Because it was during that game's final three minutes that I was screaming at Kidd to settle his offense. To remind his teammates that they are allowed to shoot inside the 3-point arc down the stretch.

But no ...

Six of the Mavs' last eight shots in the inexplicble loss to the 20-win Memphis Grizzlies were 3-pointers. Two days later, Kidd and Dallas were great. The Mavs will make the playoffs.

But because they've lost twice to Memphis - including last Friday with their nuts on the line - I don't think they'll move up to 7th in the West. And I know I now have zero confidence of them winning on the road in the post-season.

So, congrats Jason. I guess.


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