Yes, But Does a "Classic" Bowl Game Really Involve Conference "Also-Rans"?

Yes, But Does a "Classic" Bowl Game Really Involve Conference "Also-Rans"?

God knows the city's been talking about it since forever -- you know, finding another bowl game to stick in the Cotton Bowl, since the actual New Year's Day Cotton Bowl Classic will now be played at the EnormoDome in Arlington, which is about 389 shades of ain't-right, but, whatever. So, maybe you've heard: There's a new bowl game coming to Fair Park in January 2011, pending NCAA thumbs pointing skyward: the Dallas Football Classic. Which will consist of ...? Hit me, Associated Press, I'm open:

Organizers say they'll use a rotation of also-rans from three collegiate football conferences to come up with their lineups. They anticipate the first game will pit the seventh-ranked team from the Big 12 Conference against the sixth-ranked team from the Big Ten, should those teams be excluded from Bowl Championship Season consideration. Teams from Conference USA will also be considered for future games.

Congratulations, in advance, to SMU.


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