You Don't Get Drudged Being All, Like, Reasonable and Stuff

See, Patrick "Buzz" Williams, this is what happens when you're the first one to write about the Dallas Independent School District's Social Security number snafu -- by two days, no less -- only you're all funny and forgiving about it. (To wit: "This is merely another instance of the sort of bizarre, unfathomable bureaucratic bookkeeping boo-boos that continually haunt a district which, despite academic improvements, can't quite seem to get its management shit together.") Because, look, pal, funny don't make the front page of the daily, and forgiving damned sure don't make the Drudge Report.

Patrick, you're just so ... so ... reasonable, damn you! Oh, well. Better luck next time. For the rest of you, we have the full report from the Office of Professional Responsibility, and you can too just by clicking here. --Robert Wilonsky


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