You Look Like You Could Use Some Meditation

The Wells Fargo bank tower off Highway 183 in Irving, an ordinary office building in a sea of concrete, isn't the sort of place you'd expect to find a zen-like sanctuary with roots in Gandhi's India. But that's exactly what lies on the top floor: Here, Dr. Om Prakash, an 85-year-old psychologist-turned-life coach who, as a young man, served as an organizer for the Mahatma, counsels patients and coaching clients on how to live a balanced life. Prakash, the subject of this week's feature in the paper version of Unfair Park , teaches all of his therapy patients and coaching clients how to meditate. The practice, he says, is a crucial tool for maintaining physical and mental health.

For a tutorial, check out this video of Prakash leading a guided meditation in his office with local writer Barbara Blanks. And for a meditation on Prakash himself and why psychologists nationwide are converting their practices to life coaching, take a look at the story.

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