Your First Look at the 10 (!) Amended Redistricting Proposals Submitted by Council

One of two maps submitted by Mayor Mike. All 10 are available here.
One of two maps submitted by Mayor Mike. All 10 are available here.

In the end, it would be quicker to name the council members who didn't submit amendments to the Redistricting Commission by Monday's 3 p.m. deadline: Sheffie Kadane, Angela Hunt, Jerry Allen and Sandy Greyson. Everyone else had something to say, including Mayor Mike, who actually turned in two amendments -- one to Bill Betzen's cPlan03, which wasn't the plan submitted to the mayor by the commission, and another to the so-called "unity map" drawn up by Domingo Garcia, Billy Ratcliff and Brooks Love. Several other council members worked in teams: Dwaine Caraway, Tennell Atkins and Carolyn Davis submitted several do-overs, while Delia Jasso, Scott Griggs, Monica Alonzo, Linda Koop and Ann Margolin turned in their cPlan16d fine-tunings.

We're going to spend what's sure to be a very thrilling lunch break studying the new maps, which were just posted to the Redistricting Commission's website in advance of Saturday's 3 p.m. special meeting of the council at City Hall to discuss the maps before they're shipped off to the Justice Department.

Update: One thing I note upon a cursory review: Caraway, Atkins and Davis have a plan to add back that fourth majority-African-American district. Right now, the "unity plan" has but three.

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