Appearing live next Tuesday at an awards show near you!

Your Last Greg Williams Item For At Least a Week

Since you’ll have to go cold turkey while I’m on vacation next week, thought I’d empty out my Hammer notebook before I skedaddle.

Talked to Greggo last night – he was in Decatur serving as executor of his dad’s will, which meant figuring out what to do with seven boats and four Cadillacs – and he had some good news and an intriguing hint.

First, he confirmed he’ll be an awards presenter at next Tuesday’s Dallas Observer Music Awards show.

Second, though he still plans to nail down his ESPN gig before Cowboys’ camp end of next week, expect him to at least talk with Live 105.3 about their new Noon-3 p.m. opening in the wake of Pugs & Kelly’s departure. He said coyly that his potential partner there would seriously ruffle some P1 feathers.

Hmm. Rocco? Line 4 guy? Or, my guess, this guy? -- Richie Whitt


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