You've Got Questions, Ron Washington Has Answers

Let's make this simple, shall we? Sat down with Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington yesterday here in Surprise and asked him what I thought were some pertinent questions.

Allow me to paraphrase, in the spirit of keeping this short and sweet in the wake of last night's 3.5-hour, come-from-ahead 11-10 exhibition against the Colorado Rockies.

Q: Neftali Feliz, starter or closer?

   A: Starter.

Q: OK, if Feliz starts then who closes?

   A: Don't know, but I don't think we have a reliable closer on our roster other than him.

Q: Will Michael Young be a Ranger on Opening Day?

   A: Yes.

Q: Is he going to be a decent first baseman if need be?

   A: Of course.

Q: Who's your center fielder?

   A: Julio Borbon.

Q: Aren't you a better team with David Murphy in the lineup?

   A: Where?

Q: Left field?

   A: That puts Josh Hamilton in center, where he'll play like a wild man and run into a wall and get hurt. Can't have that.

Q: But isn't Josh a wild man in left, on the bases and everywhere in between?

   A: Decent point. But there's lots less ground to cover in left.

Q: Are you prepared to predict a Rangers' return to the World Series this season?

   A: We'll be ready to play April 1. Other than that -- (wait for it) -- you never know how baseball gonna go.


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