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Zac Attack

Mumblin' mess: Zac Crain ("The Zac Factor," by Jim Schutze, November 30) was one of four mayoral candidates I listened to one Sunday morning a month or so ago. (One of the others was Mitchell Rasansky; I don't remember the others.) The candidates were uninspiring. As I left, I couldn't remember anything any of them had said. Poor Zac was the least inspiring of the bunch. He may think now that the Trinity River project is a fuckin' mess, but when he was asked explicitly about it he mumbled a spare sentence or two and sat down. (If he'd called it a fuckin' mess, he might have got a standing ovation.)

Listening to the guy that morning, it appeared to me that he'd spent no time thinking about any of the issues that confront Dallas today. Besides, he seemed painfully ill at ease speaking in front of people.



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Jim Schutze should not spend much of his (surely) considerable fortune betting on Zac to succeed Dame Miller.

George Palmer


Out in the Cold

Poof, problem solved: Larry James ("Old Building, New Lives," by Jesse Hyde, November 30) is an idiot! Instead of building a refuge for the drug addicts and drunks in the area of Lincoln Plaza, why doesn't he move it closer to City Hall so he can gain some real exposure? He's just going to cause the devaluation of every property on Akard Street. I have a better idea, Larry: Build an army barracks-style dwelling on the shitty side of town and teach all of the poor "unfortunates" of the world to bathe and become productive citizens. Rezone downtown and eliminate the stores that sell liquor and beer. Hire 10 agents to arrest panhandlers and after three strikes, they're off to Huntsville.

Institutionalize the rest and poof, problem solved. You liberal assholes make me want to run for mayor. Over and out from North Dallas.

Richard Krause


Give It Up, Manny

The only reason the Thomas Miller-El case ("Trial by Fire," by Matt Pulle, November 30) Manny Alvarez claims to be so worried about has to be tried a third time is because the Dallas Republican judges (and district attorney) kept refusing to do what the U.S. Supreme Court told them they had to. As a direct result of the incompetence of Dallas judges and prosecutors who ran and won on the GOP ticket (and who refused to stop "shuffling the juror list" until they'd removed all the black potential jurors), the Miller-El case has been around since '85.

Estimates are the typical capital murder case with appeals costs taxpayers from $3 to $5 million. Miller-El has already had a couple of 'em. We paid for them. The Dallas District Attorney's Office is where soon-to-be-former Judge Manny Alvarez learned all he knows about criminal law. That's the same office that has now screwed up the Miller-El case multiple times, so badly the U.S. Supreme Court, not known for liberal rulings, had to overturn it twice. The Dallas Morning News, the house organ for the GOP, agreed Democrat Carter Thompson was a better choice for voters.

Like almost all the Dallas GOP criminal district judges, Manny was first appointed by a Republican governor while he worked in the District Attorney's Office, then ran as part of the GOP ticket that he thought forever guaranteed him re-election. Manny has never defended a traffic ticket, much less a felony. Why don't you check back with him in a year or so—see how many major murder cases he's successfully defended now that he's finally, for the first time in his legal career, off the public dole and has to go find a real job practicing criminal law and make a living.

Incoming Judge Carter Thompson made legal history in '84 by trying the first successful "battered spouse" murder case in Texas. The Dallas County jurors agreed with the defense he offered. It's been used as a model in Texas and the rest of the nation since then.

J.W. Burlough


Born Blue

And what about you?: "America's Extreme" (by Richie Whitt, November 23) was the most irritating story I've read about the Cowboys next to anything Randy Galloway ever wrote about them in the last 10 years. Mr. Whitt, how do you feel after the stomping we handed Tampa? Looks like a team playing like they are in first place to me. I was born and raised blue, were you? You don't act like it. I have waited 10 years to be excited about the Cowboys again, and all you can do is hate. Have you ever thought about the fact that we have a future Hall of Fame coach in his fourth year, hmmm...the same coach that built three other powerhouse teams in the same amount of time? Hell, two of those teams went to the Super Bowl.

Oh, and I seemed to have seen T.O. catch an even amount of passes in all of the last six games. What the hell are you talking about? Who cares about his ranking numbers? Wasn't that the very problem he had in San Francisco and Philly? You should be glad he is keeping his mouth shut and contributing to the team. Why can't we be good? Why is everything a riddle to you, Mr. Whitt? May I remind you of the eight Super Bowl appearances, five trophies and the record merchandising and tourism dollars this team has brought to the metroplex? What about the simple fact that the Cowboys were here first? Why don't you shack up with Randy Galloway in Fort Worth and keep praising those "choke artist" round-ball losers called the Mavericks? What have they ever done for Dallas pro sports besides lose the big games? Talk about false hopes!




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