Dean Fearing, who clearly needs to work on his knife skills

Zagat's Great News for Fearing

Dean Fearing's eatery in the Ritz-Carlton has been the recipient of myriad kudos from the likes of Frank Bruni in The New York Times (who called it "overwhelming," but in a good way) to Esquire, which, couple years back, hailed it as its Best New Restaurant of the Year. To the pile of praise, add another rave: Zagat today released its 2009 Top U.S. Hotels, Resorts & Spas Survey, and perched at the tippy-top of the Hotel Dining list is, of course, Fearing's. (The Ritz-Carlton's also the top big hotel in the U.S. and A. Sure. Right.) Among the kind words offered by Zagat-ers: The joint's "last-meal worthy." Really? Really?

Though it does remind me: In January, Fearing's among the celeb chefs joining the likes of Eric Ripert, Laurent Tourondel and Michel Richard on the Cayman Cookout. Though, really, there's but one main attraction for folks considering a high-priced nosh amongst those top chefs: Anthony Bourdain. --Robert Wilonsky


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