What’s worse than going on three dates with someone before realizing they are a horrible human being and can never be trusted? It’s not that they have a criminal past or put ketchup on their eggs, it’s that they listen to that … music. You know, Nickleback or slow jazz or worse, Pitbull. Off The Record will host Crate Dating, a record store-specific speed dating experience that is perfect for fans of all music. During the first hour is when you dig for the album that you want to represent you. After choosing your record, you will drop it in a crate depending on your label. (Men seeking women, women seeking men, men seeking men, women seeking women). When it is your turn to dig through the crates, you will pick an album that interests you. The person who originally picked that album will see you picked it and bam, you have a love connection — or at least something to talk about, which is half the battle of dating, anyway. Stop by 8-11 p.m. Thursday to find the love of your life at Off The Record, 2719 Elm St. Or visit their Facebook page for more... More >>>