Tap dance is the great unifier of the performing arts world — seamlessly marrying the visual with the aural, peppering the air with rhythmic raps and claps and generally being the life of the arts party. There’s no such thing as sad bastard tap dancing. It’s lively even when the soles seem to strike a serious note. The Rhythm In Fusion Festival (RIFF) is a four-day exercise in percussive footwork that brings together artists and choreographers from all over for performances, workshops and classes at The Majestic Theatre (1925 Elm St.). Beginning this Friday and through Monday, January 19, you can step up for showcases and jam sessions that cater to all levels of tappers, from beginners to masters of the craft. Registration is $350 for unlimited classes; $150 for one day of unlimited classes on Saturday or Sunday; and $100 for unlimited classes on Monday. If you’re looking to tap out something specific, you can purchase an individual... More >>>