The best kind of art is not the work that makes you scratch your head and wonder if you're culturally illiterate, but the kind that lets you have an "a-ha" moment despite the fact that you know more about Perez Hilton than Gerhard Richter. People fall into the trap of thinking that they should be able to draw some sort of deep meaning out of art that is really just there to make you think about things like use of space or color. But other times, art is meant to invoke something more concrete, like a specific human experience. Kara Walker's art is the more concrete variety, and the specific human experience she evokes packs an emotional "a-ha" for anyone who views it. Walker uses cut paper silhouettes and overhead projectors to create a grim shadow puppet effect that focuses on themes of slavery, race, gender and violence. Horrific scenes of slavery are juxtaposed with... More >>>