One fish. Two fish. Red fish. Blue fish. You're a smart kid, bet you can figure out what rhymes there. Now try another. Seuss. Noise. Truce. Voice. Do what now? It surely can't be that easy. "Seuss," as in the good Dr., means to be paired with truce, no? No, indeed! The venerable Dr. Seuss, author of books exploring the gastronomical appeal of eggs (green) and ham, and cats donning headwear (hats, even!) actually pronounced his own name as Soy-se. If he were writing a sweet-ass rap, he'd say, "Yo, my name is Seuss, and ya bitches is 'bout to hear my voice." Not, rather, "Yo, my name is Seuss, and ya bitches 'bout to drink this verbal juice." And so thus, when you ask for tickets to the... More >>>