There's no health plan in art. I'm sure that there are some artists out there who have spouses or families that can put them on their health plans, and I bet there are probably guilds and organizations that provide insurance to their members at a reduced cost. But I would wager that your average freelance artist is on the "wing and a prayer" insurance policy, visiting their nearest emergency room when they get really sick. The problem with that is obvious--it's expensive. An average visit to the emergency room cost nearly $600 last year. That's for a run-of-the-mill medical issue, like a case of the flu. If there's an accident or a major health crisis, bills can quickly ratchet up into tens of thousands of dollars. Luckily, local artists can turn to the Emergency Artists' Support League, an organization that helps negotiate medical bills and provides emergency financial assistance to creative types. The EASL's... More >>>