I don't care who you are--if you watched the Olympic gymnastic competition you wanted to squash He Kexin like a bug when Nastia Liukin got silver after tying on uneven bars. And your eyes welled up with happy tears when Luikin and Shawn Johnson went one-two in the all-around competition. No? OK, well maybe the latter was just me, and maybe I was watching after a couple of Vodka Red Bulls and the smoky bar was screwing with my eyeballs...yeah, that's it. Also, let's not forget that death-defying--in my book anything that involves somersaulting over and then catching a bar less than an inch thick can lead to death--silver-medal high bar routine from OU Sooner Jonathan Horton. The Olympics may be over, but the gymnastics champions are still flipping and flying for their... More >>>