Not to be crude or anything, but usually when someone talks about "New Year's runs," I can only assume they mean they ate too much brie at a party on New Year's Eve. But apparently if you wake up on January 1 and by some miracle feel refreshed and ready for a jog, there are actually organized races going on around town. Go figure! Now, if you're one of these people who, unlike me, will NOT be lying facedown in a mysterious puddle on New Year's Day with no recollection of the night before, then you've got a few options. First, if you're a Cowtowner, you've got the Resolution Solution 5K going on at 10 a.m. at Trinity Park (Pavilion 3), Trinity Park and River drives in Fort Worth. It'll only run you $20 to sign up, and they're offering post-race Champagne (if you're over 21, duh). Nothin' cures those aching joints like a good ol' glass of bubbly, eh? For more details on this race, visit If you're more of a Dallasite, however, don't fret because there's totally a New Year's... More >>>