There are a few schools of thought on how to fill empty walls in a new house. You can go dark and moody, with an auction piece from some little-known Serbian painter, or hang some pastel beach scenes for that "Motel 6 in Galveston" vibe. You could go conceptual, with 15 variations on "Dogs Playing Poker," or go with a Belushi poster in every room. There are so many possibilities that would be, you know, OK, and then there's Gordon Carver. When he died at age 92, they found his walls covered with hairy faces the man had drawn and framed himself. Kind of human, kind of gremlin, they're completely fascinating and cover a wide range of emotions. It's an inspiring notion too: reach way down to your deepest artistic instincts and decorate your home with the results. It'd make touring your house that much more interesting for friends, even if living around them could get a little... More >>>