How many funny people can come from one family? Dane Cook's family is 0-for-1, but if you're a Sedaris, there's more than enough hilarity to go around. Only siblings Amy and David Sedaris could pull off a play about cheese balls, a llama, a Pilgrim-themed restaurant and an Amish-like religious sect called the "Squeamish." If I didn't have you convinced at llama, then there's no hope for you. The title character, Squeamish Sister Liz, runs away from her home in Cluster Haven when she's demoted to "chive-picker" at the cheese ball business. Liz's life is peachy until her new job goes from family-friendly to Hooters. There's a cheesy ending, of course. Ba-dum-chh! I'm here all week, folks. Tip... More >>>