Al Madrigal may have dark complexion, a Spanish surname and a Mexican father. He may have even performed at a Latino comic showcase or two. But he is definitely not a typical Latino comic getting by on tired jokes about wacky relatives and the differences between Mexicans and gringos. Hell, he doesn't even speak Spanish. Rather, his jokes are more universal--at least, if you're a parent with a cynical streak. "Toddlers are like little tiny gay guys," he'll say in a sarcastic, don't-give-a-shit delivery reminiscent of Todd Barry. "They wear bright colors, take a lot of baths, and every now and then they break out into song for no reason: 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes!' Shut the hell up, man, I've got a hangover." Likewise, fellow comics Johnny Sanchez and Carlos Alazraqui may be of Hispanic descent and have audiences rolling with giddily un-P.C. routines, but they don't fit into the Carlos Mencia or George Lopez Latino comic mold. Fresh off their collective... More >>>