The name Stradivari is synonymous with quality for fans of classical instruments, incredible given the fact that the famous Italian luthier died over 250 years ago. Antonio Stradivari's instruments often sell for millions of dollars at auction, despite the fact that both science and casual listening tests have yet to actually prove that the instruments are definitively superior to modern instruments. It's possible you've heard Itzhak Perlman playing his, but more likely you're just familiar with the story of how Yo-Yo Ma left his $2.5 million Stradivarius in a New York City cab (thankfully, it was recovered). The Fort Symphony Orchestra received one of these rare and valuable instruments on loan from Mr. and Mrs. William S. Davis in 1981, and this weekend you'll have the rare chance to hear it sing as the FWSO celebrates the 300th anniversary of the violin. Concertmaster Michael Shih will have the... More >>>