We've all met him, and some of us have even been so unfortunate as to date him--the guy with the Don Giovanni complex. He has to have every woman he sees--like, seriously, all of them--and doesn't mind getting them by hook, crook or any sneaky tactic that'll work. Mozart's famed opera about unscrupulous Lothario Don Giovanni stepped away from the lighter operatic fare he was known for at the time. The reviewers proclaimed Vienna had never seen anything like this masterpiece, in which women swear revenge on the man who has done 'em wrong, with the Devil being the one who finally gets him. This is Mozart at his best--the music is rich and powerful, and it's like icy fingers up your spine when Giovanni finally gets dragged to hell. Tony Award winner Paolo Szot plays the title role in the Dallas Opera's production, and if Mozart doesn't do it for you, trust me, Szot will. Szot portrayed Emile de Becque in the... More >>>