The unwavering focus and driven, almost brutal, determination of the Dallas shopper is something all newcomers to the area should be warned of. Seriously, nobody should have to face down the legion of seasoned Dallas housewives who've been honing their retail hunting skills in the hallowed halls of NorthPark Center for decades unless they are properly shored up with a shot of Jack (for courage), a giant purse (for "accidentally" nudging over-eager shoppers to the side) and a stroller (blocking). And that's for a run-of-the-mill 40-percent-off sale at The Gap...Christmas shopping is a whole new level of scary in this town. You don't understand this until you've been bruised by a seemingly perky $30,000 millionaire who wants a Banana Republic cashmere sweater off the sale rack just that much more than you do. Avoid the combat-level tension by getting your Christmas shopping done early in the relaxed,... More >>>