Pegasus Theatre makes the fans of its "Living Black and White" comedies wait a year for a new show. This new one bears evidence that playwright-actor Kurt Kleinmann spent much of 2010 polishing the details. Script, sets, costumes and casting are right on the money in this latest in Kleinmann's 25-year-long series of spoofs of vintage black and white movies. Mario Cabrera, Catherine DuBord, David Meglino, Nancy Sherrard and Leslie Patrick star as the denizens of a spooky secret lab conducting experiments on purloined brains. A murder investigation brings Kleinmann's detective character, Harry Hunsacker, onto the scene, accompanied by his smarter, shyer assistant, Nigel Grouse, played by Ben Bryant. Directed by Susan Sargeant, the two-act comedy clicks along with a nice mix of mystery and laughs. Help solve the crime during the contest at intermish and you could win a T-shirt. Continues through January 23 at the Eisemann Center, 2351 Performance Dr., Richardson. 972-744-4650. Reviewed December 30.... More >>>