Spring has sprung, y'all, and that means that the flowers are blooming, the men of Uptown have liberated their man-sandals from the closet, and that bunny rabbits--somehow a symbol of rebirth and renewal despite the fact that they routinely eat their young--are everywhere. These cute and fuzzy little lagomorphs are embroidered on children's clothes for Easter and act as the official spokes-animals for the resurrection of Christ, but the reality is that the soft, fuzzy creatures are a vaguely sinister bunch. They coast on their good looks but these are cannibals that have red eyes and bite with abandon. Ah, but kids love bunnies, and any good storyteller knows how to capitalize on that. From Thumper to Bugs to the wily, wriggly Brer Rabbit, these floppy-eared miscreants attract a devoted following in all of their incarnations. Casa Manana Children's Theatre, 3101 West Lancaster Ave. in Fort Worth, is the latest to bunny-suit up in their... More >>>