At every opportunity, Kelly Upshaw and his backing band of Denton's finest mercenaries in The Hope Trust—a lineup that includes Bosque Brown's Jeremy Buller, RTB2's Grady Don Sandlin and Andy Odom of Doug Burr's pre-solo outfit, The Lonelies—seem to go out of their way to dispel the notion that they're some kind of folk or alt-country outfit, à la seemingly every other act spawned in the college town. Maybe they're not, but Light Can't Escape, the band's anticipated sophomore effort, doesn't do much to bolster their defense. If anything, the disc thrusts the band into the sometimes dreaded pop-rock sphere—despite, even, the supposed New Wave direction that the band's pre-release literature argued was some sort of influence on this new material. So, um, where, then, is this new influence to be found? Maybe in a bass line here or there, but not overwhelmingly in any of this band's... More >>>