If you've still got your Pearl Jam poster tacked on the wall and the nicest piece of furniture you own is a futon, welcome to the club. We're no experts when it comes modern furniture, but we do know those fancy egg-shaped chairs crafted by European designers with unpronounceable names are nicer than the crappy knock-offs we purchased from IKEA. Now that the Dallas Art Fair is in full swing, don't miss the opportunity to score some unique contemporary furniture designed by 16 artists and architects from Texas, including Etty Horowitz and Omar Angel Perez, who could someday be as famous as that dude who made the egg-shaped chair. And since none of the chairs, bookcases or benches on display have ever been offered for sale before, you'll be purchasing unique furniture that will make your trendy neighbors jealous when you host an open house. Buy your own object... More >>>