It's hard to say that we as a nation take something for granted without sounding preachy or all Fox News-y, but after the year that American women have had, it makes you wonder if we've forgotten how hard we had to fight to make decisions for ourselves, get an education and provide for our families. While some of our elected officials have been spending quality time chipping away at women's healthcare and education in general, there's been a surprising passivity about the whole affair. I wonder what the women who fought for the right to vote less than 100 years ago would have to say when we ignore what's going on in Austin or Washington and crank up the Katy Perry instead. Maybe we're just out of touch with that entire period of time when our ancestors organized, marched and generally raised hell until they could cast a ballot alongside their fathers, brothers and husbands. The Women's Museum, 3800 Parry Ave. in Fair Park, gives us a... More >>>