Master your art and rise to the level of royalty. That's what Erykah Badu did when she assumed the moniker "Queen of Neo-Soul." While many would be satisfied with reaching the peak of a genre, Badu is ambitious enough to conquer new territory. These days her efforts are grounded in work with superband The Cannabinoids, an all-star collective that includes producers Picnictyme (A.Dd+'s When Pigs Fly), S1 (Kanye West's "Power"), long-time Badu collaborators Jah Born and Rob Free, DJs A1 and Big Texas, drummer Cleon Edwards and band director/maestro of the Prophet Bar's Wednesday night, R.C. Williams. Their approach brings a jam-band element to Badu's funk and soul, with a hip-hop vibe that appeals to heads as much as the R&B... More >>>