Up until now, the closest many of us have ever gotten to a Jean Paul Gaultier fashion piece was when he designed a collection for Target last year. The fashion blogosphere exploded with anticipation, and buyers snatched up everything online within days of the line’s debut. Strangely, those pieces languished in physical Target stores forever. Unlike the coveted Missoni line, the Gaultier collection gathered dust as it eventually went on clearance and plummeted to 75 percent off. That really speaks to the fact that Gaultier is so avant garde that his fashion just can’t translate to the jeans- and flats-wearing Target consumer the way other designers’ work can. There are only so many places the average woman can wear a corset-constructed sheath, and work/school/Lakewood Landing aren’t on the list. As Andy Warhol once said, Gaultier’s ensembles are true works of art; they reflect the social and cultural (if not the economic) realities of the world around us, and they inspire everyone from Pedro... More >>>