About two years ago, I wrote three tunes with a sister by the name of Sandra St. Victor, who was formerly the lead singer of the group The Family Stand in the late '80s and early '90s. She's originally from Dallas and an Arts Magnet alumnus; we met through my DJ, Bobby Dee, who was working with her dad at the Dallas Museum of Art. She had heard some of my music and wanted to record some tracks for her sophomore album on Warner Bros. Records. Out of three tunes we came up with, one was chosen by the label; "Dizzy" was the title, but, unfortunately, it was never released. While demoing the songs at the studio where I work, Sandra suggested we get different musicians to do the version that would appear on the album. She suggested B.R.O. the R.? (Ahmir-Khalib Thompson, drummer for The Roots), the legendary Donald Byrd, and on... More >>>