When Regina Chellew, Josh Garza, and Brandon Curtis came together as Captain Audio, it was as though three painters had stumbled upon a room full of blank canvases; there was no present or past, only future. They had all been in normal bands before -- although calling Comet and UFOFU normal bands is like saying Roger Clemens has a decent pitching arm -- and this time, they wanted to not be normal, do what they wanted to do instead of what they thought they had to do. And that's exactly what they've done since then, letting their ambition lead them every step of the way. Captain Audio concerts have more in common with art exhibits, one-night-only performance pieces that are only loosely connected with rock and roll. Looking back on the brief time they've been together, the members of the group aren't as surprised by what they've done so far as they are by what they could have been... More >>>