When the book on '90s rock is finally written, a handful of names are going to come up over and over as the inspiration for all sorts of sensitive, SG-wielding members of Chain Wallet America: Slint, Bikini Kill, Nation of Ulysses, Jesus Lizard, Rodan, Fugazi, Hoover, Drive Like Jehu, Unwound. These are the extraordinary bands (however aurally dissimilar) that inspired youth too hip for Nirvana but not for big hooks, those who would never use the word "grunge" in conversation but adored a good riff all the same. They were the sound of young underground America: usually white, but not always; usually middle-class, but not always; as much female as male; sometimes tattooed; often geeky. Independent of Mr. Cobain's efforts, (or, hell, maybe because of them) 1991 through 1994 was an amazing 48 months to be in love with the... More >>>