Back in college, I took a hardcore sociology course with a focus on gender. One day the teacher (with barely veiled feminazi leanings) asked the class: "Cats or dogs? Who here is a cat person, who a dog person?" and she tallied the vote. For the most part, the chicks dug the cats, the guys dug the dogs. Then Feminazi went on to dissect this statistically dubious sampling by proposing that men like the obedient, loyal, consistent personalities of dogs, while women appreciate the fickle ease and ambient company of cats. The instructor was trying to make a point about guys being basically insecure, needing constant affirmation from their pets (and girlfriends), but I was zoning out by this time, glad that I hadn't raised my hand to vote at all. I like some dogs and avoid others, coddle some cats and ignore others. These animals have personalities as varied and distinct as most humans, so why limit... More >>>