Of all the big, loud, stoopid rawk that's crawled out of the Northwest this decade, the Supersuckers can reasonably lay claim to the title of proudest Luddites. Until a few years ago, the Seattle (by way of Tucson) quartet gleefully spat up a series of country-fried boogie-metal platters, each replete with enough drink-drugs-devil imagery to let self-conscious fans explain away their affections as "irony." The group's channeling of Motörhead through some desert sagebrush wasn't exactly convincing on disc, but you'd be hard-pressed not to smile at the sight of four drunken yahoos onstage in cowboy hats, tearing through a blistering rendition of Sabbath's "Mob Rules" -- especially when the band nicely avoided the kind of self-importance that made, say,... More >>>